My Spanish Arrival

12 Sep

So, I arrived in Granada 11 days ago. However, seeing as they have been busy days, I am just going to tell you about them now.  So I arrived last Monday, September 2nd, after being dropped off at JFK around 5pm the night before. Surprisingly, I only cried twice (and that was a pretty impressive feat for me). One of my dreams did come true while traveling, though, because I got to board the airplane on the runway and not through a terminal. It was as magical as I had imagined.

When we touched down in Granada, it was a hot Monday afternoon. Not only was I tired, but I honestly just wanted to hop on the next plane and head back to the US (I am quite the adventurer, as you can tell). But of course, I did not.

After a ride from the airport, I got dropped off to meet my host mother, Toni. My roommate and I then walked back to her apartment with her. What we were told was a five minute walk turned out to be a fifteen minute trudge, uphill, with all of our luggage, in the blaring heat. Needless to say, the blisters on my hands are still peeling. Toni speaks very fast, so our first conversation consisted of a lot of blank looks and “si” and “bien” from my end. Although, I did understand the part of the conversation where she told me that I looked young and a lot younger than the other girls that she had hosted before. Obviously, some things do not change when traveling to another country.

And, of course, my first night in Granada was unforgettable. How did I spend it? Locked out of my new apartment. For two hours. Yes, both my roommate and I had keys, but we could not figure out how to open the door. We tried countless times, each, to get the door open, but it would not budge. Thank goodness we had Wifi, because otherwise, we probably would have gone crazy. After a painful two hours of waiting, a neighbor finally opened the door for us. On his first try. Talk about frustrating!

So, the first day was an adventure, but I hope, nothing in comparison to the rest of the trip!


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