The End: Week 16

19 Dec

And so, the end has arrived. I know, I know, this week was only 4 days, but it felt like forever, so I am counting it as Week 16. I cannot believe that I am here already. What happened to September?

This week was just like finals week in the US. Yes, that much fun. I had one final every day from Monday through Thursday, so as soon as I was done with one exam, I started studying for the next. My wipeboard got a lot of use this week and I was seriously concerned that my markers would run out of ink, but no worries, they pulled through.

Considering that it was a week full of tests and studying, it was not very interesting. In fact, it was actually quite stressful as many of my tests were quite challenging. One of my professors sent us a “short” article to read before the test. It was 18 pages long. Needless to say, he and I have quite different opinions of the word “short”.

In many senses, it was a week of lasts. Last times of seeing thing, doing things, and eating things. After living here for 3.5 months it is certainly an odd feeling to be leaving and not know when I will be coming back. My departure is truly the definition of bittersweet. While I am beyond excited to be going home, it is sad thinking that this big adventure of my life is over. This trip has been on my mind for 9 months (alternatively exciting me and giving me anxiety), but it has always been present. It is really odd to think that after tomorrow this trip will just be a memory and material for good stories.

Honestly, the one word I fell accurately describes my situation is surreal. This trip went by so fast. Granted, there were days (especially school ones) that dragged by so slowly and others where home seemed so far away, but looking back, I cannot believe that it has been 3.5 months since I left the US. Crazy, my friends, crazy.

And then the packing. Admittedly, I started thinking about packing when I was unpacking on September 2. I know, I have some issues. But, it is seriously like a game of tetris. I only have one suitcase and I am determined to keep it under 50 pounds. Granted, I did not buy that much, but still, it is a struggle. I leave in about 7 hours (at this point) and I still have some loose ends to gather up. I would attach a picture of my room, but then you would judge me for how messy it is. So, I won’t. I will be glad when I don’t have to do any more unpacking/repacking until February when I head back to Delaware.

So how did I spend my last day in Spain? Well, it was quite the adventure. First, it was raining. Since my arrival in September, it has only rained 4 times. And each of the times, it was less rain and more misting. But today, of course not. It was down-pouring for a large part of the day. And, of course, the only shoes that I have to wear in the rain have holes in them. So essentially, my feet were in puddles all day. I can only imagine what my face looked like as I cringed every time I stepped in the mini-rivers that were running through the streets. It is nice to feel my feet again.

When I first came to Spain, I put off taking pictures of Granada because I told myself that I had a lot of time. Well, in true Jaeger procrastination style, I did not take any of those pictures. So, guess who was walking around Spain this afternoon in the pouring rain, with frozen feet, attempting to take pictures? It was a bundle of fun, as you can imagine. But I must say, I feel that I have become a pro at taking IPhone photos considering I was doing it with one hand while juggling a purse, an umbrella and trying not to get drenched.

Afterward, I went on a walk to see the Belenes of Granada, which are nativity scenes set up all over the city. However, these are no ordinary scenes as they have running water, actual moving mills, and changing lights. Quite impressive. Admittedly, it was a little less thrilling considering the weather conditions, but I enjoyed my last walk through the city. I also loved the Christmas lights which are finally lit up! They went up the first week of November, but did not get turned on until two weeks ago.

One of the Belenes

One of the Belenes

Christmas lights!

Christmas lights!

Lights and a fountain, how wild!

Lights and a fountain, how European!

More Christmas lights

More Christmas lights

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper goodbye to Spain for me without getting hit on my creepy men. So today, I was not only honked at while walking down the street, but also called ‘Guapa’ (beautiful in Spanish) by some sketchy dude with a creepy voice. Just imagine that interaction in your head and my reaction (a horrified look and a shudder). But hey, no I can say that I have been hit on in every country that I visited (except for Vatican City and that’s okay because I wouldn’t want to offend God).

And so, some of my thoughts. I was going to try to write my reflections about the trip in this post, but I realize that I can’t do that because I still have a lot to do tonight and I don’t want to rush it. So, this will be the first half of my Week 16 post and I will share the other half with you tomorrow (hopefully). After all, I have a 9 hour plane ride tomorrow, so I will need something to do!

My journey home starts at 4:20am tomorrow when I will leave the apartment for the last time and meet a 5am bus to the airport. It is very odd thinking that I will be up and leaving Spain before many of you even go to sleep. But, that is perfect, because I should get home in the early afternoon tomorrow and will have time to enjoy America before falling into what I am sure will be a deep, deep sleep.


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