A 10k of a Time: Nov. 7- Nov. 13

7 Dec

What a week. Here we are approaching the middle of November. Wild. I can almost feel the Christmas Season upon us. So this week. Let’s see.

First, the election. This has been a hot topic of conversation since arriving in Spain. All the Spaniards want to know my opinion and want to share theirs. It was certainly an interesting experience being abroad at this time of year. What I did enjoy doing was talking about the election and the election process with my conversation classes. I happened to have a printed copy of my ballot (because who doesn’t wait until the last minute to scan back their vote?) which I used as an example. It was truly fascinating to see their take on the American electoral process and the ballots. For example, some didn’t know that more than two political parties exist in the United States, since all they hear about are Republicans and Democrats. My favorite moment of the class was one they noticed that there was an election for sheriff. They thought it was the funniest thing because their opinion of a Sheriff is the hat-wearing, gun-toting figure from Western movies. They thought the fact that we still have sheriffs was quite entertaining.

On Wednesday, I ran my 10k. Let me first start off by saying that apparently races in Spain do not provide safety pins with the runner’s bag. Great. And of course, I did not realize that until late the night before. Nice. So race day dawns and I had to wake up extra early to run (yes, actually run) to stores to see if they had safety pins. A 24-hour grocery store saved the day. Then it was actually race time.

And yes, since I am sitting here writing this, I survived. Good news: did not walk, did not come in last. What a relief. But, I was so worried about coming in last (it was a small race, okay?) that I ran the first part of the race faster than I should have. So, as you might imagine, the second half wasn’t so pretty. It consisted of me thinking about every step and telling myself to keep putting one foot after another. The course hit me with hills after kilometers 7 and 8, and, let me tell you, it was pretty rude of the race organizers. I knew that I had to keep going because I couldn’t bear to call home and say that I walked during the race. I think that would have made me lose my title of being the most athletic Jaeger. After that thrilling experience, I spent the rest of the day doing nothing. And, I have to admit, I didn’t hate it. I felt that running over six miles in a row merited spending the rest of the day watching TV and napping.

I spent the weekend in Madrid, which again was very nice. While I do want to see as much of Spain and Europe as I can in nine months, it is also refreshing to have weekends in Madrid to see the city and get a little more sleep than I do during the week. On Friday I went to the History of Madrid Museum, and it was a great decision. What’s better than spending a solo afternoon in a history museum surrounded by old maps, black and white photographs, and artifacts? Pretty much nothing. No matter how you feel about history, it was very interesting to see these maps from hundreds of years ago and see the streets that I walk on a daily basis already in existence.

On Saturday I went to Segovia. Although I work there and have become very familiar with the whole scene, it was a nice day trip to hit some of the more touristy spots.




What all of the Jaegers are getting for Christmas


Sunday was a nice, relaxing day that I spent shopping and walking, in preparation for my trip to Denmark next week. I needed to stock up on some warm scarves because it is just a tad chillier in Scandinavia than it is on the Iberian Peninsula. While this week wasn’t terribly exciting (and yes, I know the blog reflects that) sometimes that’s okay. I am gearing up for an international trip so I think this weekend of relaxation and rest will come in handy!




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